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SRG Techno

Our Clients

(a) State Police Forces

  • (i) Octopus - Andhra Pradesh Police.
  • (ii) Swat and Punjab Police.
  • (iii) ATS, STF and Swat, Agra Police – UP Police
  • (iv) Jharkhand Police.
  • (v) Chattisgarh Police.
  • (vi) Jammu & Kashmir Police.
  • (vii) Gujarat Police.
  • (viii) West Bengal Police.
  • (ix) Karnataka Police.
  • (x) Special Operations Group (SOG) and Commissionerate of Police,
    Bhubaneswar, Odisha Police.
  • (xi) Force One, Mumbai Police.

(b) Special Police Forces

  • (i) Special Protection Group (SPG), Delhi.
  • (ii) National Investigation Agency (NIA), New Delhi.
  • (iii) National Police Academy (NPA), Hyderabad.
  • (iv) National Security Guards (NSG) and 51 SAG.

(c) Para Military Forces

  • (i) Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF), New Delhi.
  • (ii) Central Industrial Police Force (CISF), New Delhi.
  • (iii) Border Security Force (BSF), New Delhi.

(d) Indian Army

  • (i) Maratha, Garhwal and Ladakh Regimental Centre.
  • (ii) 18 Mahar and 2 Rajput.
  • (iii) Infantry School, Mhow

Our Work Team

Mr. Vinay Kumar Sharma

Assistant General Manager



Mr. Shobha Ram Chandra

Assistant Manager



Mr. Anis Arif

Technical Executive